Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia
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Declaration project


Declaration of “Consolidation of efforts of the non-governmental sector for improving of life conditions of disabled people in Russia” project participants.

This project was launched in December 2012 on initiative of five Russian  non-profit organizations: SPb BOO “Perspectives” (Saint-Petersbourg), ANO “Novye perspectivy” (Saint-Petersbourg),  RBOO “Center of  therapeutic pedagogics” (Moscow), ANO TCSA “Mayak” (Orenburg), PROBO ORDINA “Me and you” (Pskov).We, workers and volunteers of non-profit organizations (NPO), have been working with young people with mental, physical or multiple disability for many years. We open new potential abilities of them every day and this gathers us together.

We, non-profit organizations from different cities of Russia understand, that every individual has equal rights regardless of his (her) development aspects and we help people with multiple disorder to participate equally in social life. 


We respect dignity of people we are working for as well as their right to independence and freedom to choose.


We understand that friendly environment, help of professionals and  volunteers in different fields (job placement, inhabitation and etc.) and disability rights legislation are essential for  normal life of disabled people in our country. We work for  the disabled people could have possibilities to choose their accommodation, life conditions and life style as well as where  and with whom to live and what to do.


Since this project promotes a qualitative partnership among nonprofit organizations from different regions of Russia, we believe that there are following perspectives:

  • Improvement of the quality of life and services provided  to  people with mental, physical or multiple disability.
  • Professional growth and  self- development for members of organizations working with disabled young people. Improvement of technical and administrative efficiency of local non profit organizations, which support young people with disabilities.

We realize that we are on a new, “untrodden” way now. But we believe it is the right way and we are ready to move forward. 


Thank you for being with us.