Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia
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Lifelong education

Work of the section was moderated by two affiliate organizations RBOO “CLP” and SPb BOO “Perspektivy”, Anna Bitova and Mariya Ostrovskaya. It seemed to us particularly interesting as the highlighted themes were directly connected with the divisions of our web-page.

What the “lifelong education” means – it means that you can study at any age and lots of things. For instance, young people with multiple disabilities can learn to live on their own. To live without parents and their constant care. To cook without assistanceTo do shoppingorganizetheir free timeIt`s very complex to change the whole way of past life and suddenly become a grown-up. For this purpose they need to be accompanied by the people who will help to learn this all. How to organize it and what is needed for it was the theme of several statements. L.Veko from the Nizhni Novgorod organization RBOO “Veras” in the report “On the way to independent life – success and challenge” told about the formation of accompanied living at her native city. “Instruction in accompanied living of people with hard disabilities (experience in accompanied living at the city Pskov)” – the theme of E.Vinogradova`s statement, the head of apartments for constant accompanied living of DOU “Me and you”. She said about necessity of training young people for independent habitation that could be made with use of a training flat. A.Suslova, a member of ARDI “Light”, presented a paper “Accompanied living of young people with restricted abilities of health at Vladimir Region. Experience and perspectives”. She shared with the participants of the Forum a model of independent living of young people with disabilities that is created and working in Vladimir. But everyone knows that to learn living without parents doesn`t mean to become an adult and independent. Labor makes us independent and self-confident. There were presentations concerning this side of adult life at the section. N.Salamova (Deacon center “Touch”, Orenburg) at her report “Supporting program for people with hard mental violations in conditions of educational-manufacturing workshops” told about organization and success of family type workshops. However lots of young people with mental disabilities are living not in the families but at psychoneurologic boarding-schools. How to make life full of labor and creation in conditions of the State guardianship authority was told by the member of SPb BOO “Perspektivy” O.Filipova at her report “Learning and creative workshops as a way to self-realization of adults with TMNR (in english: hard and (or) multiple disabilities)”. Among young people living at boarding schools there are lots of with creative mind and they need support. Presentation of the head of art-programs (art- and theatric studio) SPb BOO “Perspektivy” at PNI-3 E.Shiffers “Education of environment: integrative and public art-projects with participation of the inhabitants of the psychoneurologic boarding-schools” is exactly about it. “Should say straight away that we created studios in particular. These are not the learning classes where someone teaches how to draw or to perform. Our studios are most likely communities of people who are united by love to art, wish to go in for creative projects and are definitely with artistic ambitions. Now, when many years of studio work have passed along – 13 and 14 years, we could say that our values and conceptual techniques have been formed by the members of the studio together with artists and actors – authorship is equal here”.

The reports presented in the section became true evidence that accompanied living in Russia has started its fast development. It wouldn’t have happened if legal framework didn’t start to change. Plenary session was dedicated to this, where A.Bitova performed, the head of RBOO “CLP”, with a report “Change of legislation on the way to OON convention concerning the rights of disabled people”. What has changed or is changing in the near future, how public organizations are involved in the changes, what would be possible as a result of the changes and what else have to be achieved, - that`s the range of questions which was highlighted at the report.

The Forum had open, creative, upbeat atmosphere. The idea of the Fund`s “Naked Hearts” creator and founder of the Forum N.Vodyanova has been fulfilled again: “The forum organized by the Fund “Naked Heart” is a platform for communication of leading Russian and foreign experts, exchange views and experience for representatives of different Russian regions, and a step to development of professional society in Russia”.

24.10.2014, M.Manevskaya, a project coordinator «Consolidation of NGO`s efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Russia”.