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To Save the “Rostok”!

We, the Russian public organizations, begin the charitable marathon “To Save the “Rostok”!

The action is behind our long-term partner – Pskov public charitable organization “Rostok”, which for the last 14 years is hatching the graduates of the Belsko-Ustyenskiy boarding-school for children with peculiarities in development for independent and accompanied living at houses and apartments. The “Rostok” experience is unique in Russia to date. Thanks to the “Rostok” more than 60 people are living normally, whereas they could have been locked inside psychoneurological boarding schools for adults till the end of their life.

Large benefactors had promised to finance the “Rostok” activity, but didn`t keep the promise at the last moment. Consequently the accumulated dept as of November has been 3 800 000 rubles to the staff and rating authorities.

Help “To save the Rostok”.

You can donate by any of the three ways:!donate/c1ghi


Message from the head of the “Rostok” Alexei Mikhailuk is here:!--2/c1nu0

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The organizing committee of the action “To save the Rostok” consists of the head of Foundation “Outfund at St.Petersburg” Lyubov Arkus, president of SPb BOO “Perspektivy” Mariya Ostrovskaya, president of BF “Volunteers in help of orphan children” Elena Alshanskaya, Foundation “Naked hearts”.

Center of medical pedagogy at Moscow, Center of medical pedagogy at Pskov, OBF “Parents bridge” St. Petersburg, Social school “Caritas” St. Petersburg, BOO “Pribaikalskiy source” Irkutsk, “Joy space. BOO “Children`s crisis center” SPb, project “Open environment” SPb, KBOO “Game Dey” Krasnoyarsk, OO in help of autistic children “Light of hope” Krasnoyarsk and others joined the action.

Today the “Rostok” accompanies 109 orphans, disabled and their families. 15 wards of the “Rostok” are residing at 5 social flats of accompanied living; the center of social support to graduates of the boarding school “Rostok” is working; workshops for disabled: pottery, carpentry, sewing, as well as a workshop on gardening.


Nevertheless, in view of the current situation existence of the “Rostok” is under threat!


In all Russia is a home to 3 000 000 people with mental disability, 300 000 (each 10th) among them have to waist their whole life at closed establishments – psychoneurological boarding schools for 500 and 1000 people, where it`s impossible to create conditions for normal life, where the basic human rights are breaking overall: the right to freedom of movement, choice, expression and etc.

People with mental disorders, as all the others, need their own home, work, communication. That`s why it`s important to keep any initiative aimed at getting people out of boarding schools, their socialization and support.

We, the public organizations, helping people with disorders in development, consider that unique experience of the “Rostok” must be rendered in other regions too, but in first we  need to jointly help the “Rostok” itself as if it cease to exist people with mental disorder, whom it helps, will get into psychoneurological boarding.