Supported living of people with
disabilities in Russia

The project is co-financed by the EU

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Young people from the “Louis block” are becoming familiar with new professions.

We have already written about the project “Louis block”:

Organizer of the accompanied habitation center preparing young people with disabilities, without parents` support, for independent life was a public organization “Blagovest”.

The center works on the basis of a model “Habitation. Education. Working”. Individual program, providing respective education and employment the same time, is developed for every ward. Particular emphasis is placed on psyco-pedagogical support.

It`s been already 2,5 months from the opening of the project “Louis block”. Apart from work at typography “Printing laboratory”, where the mugs were printed, participants of the project are planning to open own Beauty salon, photo studio and floral salon.

According to the head of the public organization “Blagovest” Mariya L`vova-Belova, the wards will provide services for free at the beginning, and when they`ll have enough professional experience, it would be possible to discuss commercial deal.

The mug costs 300 roubles. Orders are accepted by the (8412) 74-75-84.

Data is taken from the Agency`s of social info web-page: